Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Missing the Mark

The following image is perhaps my greatest disappointment of the entire trip: the wrong monk is in focus! Doh. I wanted to get that shot so badly, and yet, I hurried. From that moment on, I slowed down; took much more care... focused, literally. The good news: my friend Shelley got the shot. Perfectly. I'm not bitter. :)

As for this next shot - opinions, please. I actually really like it. A lot. But I put it up for show in one of our critique sessions, and it was mostly disliked. What do you think?


  1. hey, MO. I've been through almost all the photos now. You know I love your photos. This one, has great colors, has a message, has depth of field. I like it. Then when you told me that it got a "dislike" from your class. I gave it a more critical look. Is it possible to say that the photo is a little too perfect? The lighting is bright, the monk is young good looking with a perfect rosebud mouth and ernestly studying. It looks almost staged. It looks almost like a photo that you would see in a text book or a medical journal talking about the importance of studying. But a Thai text book made by a politically correct American distributor. However, knowing how much time, effort and resources go into taking staged photos for text books, and sometimes those perfect environments don't always give you the results you want. You managed to take a "perfectly staged" photo in a completely non-perfect environment. It is ironic, and to me, irony, in photography, is the best bed-fellow.


  2. In my non-amateur photo eye, I personally like the photo Morry. The colors are brilliant and the shadows of the book on the table add depth. Cheryl