Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Favorite Snacks

I had three:

Coconut cakes, made in a wok over a fire fueled with coconut husks (coals placed below the wok, as well as on top of sheets of tin covering the wok, creating an oven effect to bake the cakes to perfection). I failed to take a picture of the actual cake - too busy eating! But trust me - it was amazing.

Fried banana chips. I fully expected a sweet snack, but was thrilled to find that they were prepared more like savory potato chips. Lightly salted and not sweet at all.

Ice cold coconut milk. The whole coconuts were stored on ice, and hacked into with a machete to get to the sweet, refreshing milk inside. Once the milk was all drained, the coconut meat was also a fantastic snack.

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